2018 NFL Predictions: Maybe I’ll Dream For a Change

Can Melvin Gordon and the Chargers shake up the stale AFC in 2018? (Photo Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports)

Since my adolescence, the AFC has been as stale as three-year-old bread. The Patriots. The Steelers. Peyton Manning. Virtually nothing else.

But in 2018, I’m taking a stand against that. At least there’s been the consistent inconsistency of the NFC. 12 different franchises have made the Super Bowl since 2001, compared to just six for the AFC. Only the Cowboys, Vikings, Lions, and Redskins have yet to taste Super Sunday. Will that change in 2018?

Without further ado, here are my wacky predictions for 2018, a year after I made some astute picks with the Eagles (had them winning the NFC East) and Patriots (had them losing the Super Bowl to a team with a bird mascot).


*Denotes Wild Card team.


AFC East

1. Patriots (12-4)

2. Jets (6-10)

3. Dolphins (5-11)

4. Bills (4-12)

AFC North

1. Ravens (9-7)

2. Steelers (9-7)

3. Bengals (6-10)

4. Browns (3-13)

AFC South

1. Jaguars (12-4)

2. Texans (10-6)*

3. Colts (6-10)

4. Titans (4-12)

AFC West

1. L.A. Chargers (11-5)

2. Kansas City (9-7)*

3. Oakland (8-8)

4. Denver (7-9)



Wild Card Round

Houston over Baltimore

L.A. Chargers over Kansas City

Divisional Round

L.A. Chargers over New England

Jacksonville over Houston


L.A. Chargers over Jacksonville


NFC East

1. Dallas (11-5)

2. Philadelphia (11-5)*

3. New York Giants (9-7)

4. Washington (6-10)

NFC North

1. Green Bay (11-5)

2. Minnesota (10-6)

3. Chicago (8-8)

4. Detroit (6-10)

NFC South

1. Atlanta (12-4)

2. New Orleans (10-6)*

3. Carolina (7-9)

4. Tampa Bay (3-13)

NFC West

1. San Francisco (11-5)

2. L.A. Rams (9-7)

3. Arizona (7-9)

4. Seattle (4-12)


Wild Card Round

Philadelphia over San Francisco

Green Bay over New Orleans

Divisional Round

Atlanta over Philadelphia

Dallas over Green Bay


Dallas over Atlanta


Super Bowl

Chargers 35, Cowboys 28 (MVP: Philip Rivers)


League MVP

Aaron Rodgers

Offensive POY

Aaron Rodgers

Defensive POY

Joey Bosa

Offensive Rookie

Saquon Barkley

Defensive Rookie

Roquan Smith

Coach of the Year

Kyle Shanahan

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