Articles by Michael Seff

NFL Preview 2021: Tom Brady. That Is All.

The 17-game season is upon us, so football doesn’t feel nearly as exciting or meaningful anymore. I’ve been at this a while, though, so at least some kind of preseason prediction feels like an obligation….

MLB August Report: Dodgers’ Purchases Impose Fear

Let’s be frank: the Los Angeles Dodgers did not┬áneed┬áMax Scherzer or Trea Turner. My personal opinion was that they were more motivated to fatten their absurd, record-setting payroll to $275 million out of spite to…

NHL Stanley Cup Finals: East vs… East?

The asterisks keep on coming, apparently. Even as things transition back to normal in 2021, the seasons of the NBA and NHL were compromised by the outbreak, and the Stanley Cup Finals seem to be…