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Articles by Michael Seff

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Thoughts on the A.L. East

A quick introduction… I’m DA’s freelance blogger,  Michael Seff… and this is the first installment of my ongoing blog series: SeffSpeak. The AL East is already the strongest division in baseball, so it would likely…

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The Few, The Proud, The Underrated?

Every year there are many talented prospects that get a bit lost in the shuffle, but are still prospects I believe can be potential outstanding players at the ML level. These are a few players…

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My Top Ten Prospects

Hi all, it’s been awhile, and I wanted to share my personal favorite players for the coming 2010 MLB Draft on June7-9. The following list is based upon my experience in deciphering the various scouting…

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Kevin Goldstein Interview News!

The well-regarded Kevin Goldstein -of Baseball Prospectus- has agreed to an interview… we’ll be sharing that soon. If anyone would be interested in submitting draft-related questions for him, send them to me via email to DraftAmerica@gmail.com,…