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Giving credit to an ump: Timmons makes the save

It’s been a horrible year for umpires, especially in Atlanta. But at Turner Field Friday night, Tim Timmons made reprimands for many of his colleagues with a saving effort.

Carlos Zambrano threw way too far inside to Chipper Jones trailing 9-1 after having allowed five home runs and was immediately tossed by Timmons (for the record, Zambrano walked off instantly to kill any suspense as to whether it was an accident or not). The Braves began to emerge from the dugout in anticipation of a benches-clearing brawl, but Timmons would have none of it.

Timmons began vehemently pointing at the Braves and telling them not to come any further. The only movement from the Cubs dugout came from Mike Quade, as the manager wanted an explanation, but a fight was averted because Timmons charged harder towards the Braves dugout than the Braves did towards Zambrano, who was quickly exiting the field anyway. Order was quickly restored, and the Braves won 10-4.

Granted, baseball is a slow sport and the fans at Turner Field may have wanted to see some action, but there is no need to drag it out, especially in a game featuring a playoff-bound team beating down on an also-ran. Timmons’ quick reaction should set an example for all umps who hope to keep the game clean and moving quickly.

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