2014 NFL Pre-Draft Fantasy Rankings

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No. Player Comment
1 Peyton Manning The Greatest of All Time – among
fantasy QBs
2 Aaron Rodgers Motivated to be the best QB in the game
3 Drew Brees A Top 3 staple
4 Matthew Stafford
Jim Caldwell can fix him and, frankly,
I could be successful with all his weapons
5 Tony Romo
Real world: choke artist. Fantasy
world: superstar
6 Nick Foles
Won’t duplicate last year’s stats, but
he’s armed with arguably the best weapons in football

7 Robert Griffin III No knee brace + new coach = more
fantasy points
8 Tom Brady Who needs receivers to be a Top 8
fantasy QB? Not this guy
9 Cam Newton His legs keep him here, but Cam, who
are you going to throw to? Seriously, who?
10 Andrew Luck Luck will probably move up this list by
the summer. And by probably, I mean definitely

11 Colin Kaepernick “Dear Kap, please start running
again. Love, your dynasty league owners”
12 Matt Ryan A better O-line and a healthy Julio
Jones mean elite status
13 Russell Wilson He wins games in real life but in
fantasy… not so much
14 Philip Rivers Last year was a rebirth, but can it
15 Ben Roethlisberger With a potential Top 10 RB in the
backfield, Big Ben could be destined for a big year
16 Michael Vick He’ll be decent until he goes down with
a hammy, an ankle, a hang nail, or something

17 Ryan Tannehill Much better than I thought he would be.
Could be on the rise
18 Jay Cutler Do your best Josh McCown impression
19 Matt Cassel Should’ve been the starter all year
last year
20 Alex Smith Chiefs will get
some WRs in the draft to help his stock


No. Player Comment

1 Adrian Peterson Norv Turner
and Cordarrelle Patterson mean 2,000 yards is possible… again

2 Lesean McCoy Don’t worry
about Sproles. Shady’s as talented as they come and will get his touches

3 Jamaal Charles So explosive.
If you’re, Andy Reid who else would you give the ball to?

4 Matt Forte WRs help to open
up the field, and Forte is a PPR machine

5 Marshawn Lynch Seattle runs
the ball. That’s just what they do

6 Eddie Lacy Three-down back
with one of the best QBs in the league. Top 10 guy for sure

7 Leveon Bell Steelers get
back to what they do best: Runnin’ dat thang

8 Doug Martin McCown’s arm will help Martin amend a terrible,
injury-riddled 2013

9 Ray Rice Will get the
rock… if he’s not living on it

10 DeMarco Murray Dude. Runs.
Hard. If he can stay healthy, he could be a beast

11 Montee Ball Pass blocking
has improved and he has Peyton Manning at QB, that’s all he needs

12 Arian Foster Losing my
faith in him fast. Back injuries are no bueno

13 Alfred Morris If RG3
doesn’t stink it up, Freddy Mo has a chance to be a Top 10 back

14 Giovanni Bernard This kid is
so sick. Send B.G.E. to the B.E.N.C.H. and let Gio work his magic

15 Reggie Bush Health and
Joique Bell (yes, Joique Bell) will keep him from being a No. 1 RB

16 Andre Ellington Watch this
guy. He’s fast, explosive, and Bruce Arians wants to give him the

17 Frank Gore One day his legs
are going to fall off

18 C.J. Spiller There’s talent, there’s potential, he has both but can’t
put it all together

19 Zac
Stacy Bell Cow Back. I like the sound of that

20 Toby Gerhart Once buried
behind AP, gets his shot at 300 carries. Last year avgd. almost 8.0 yards

21 Steven Ridley Too many
backs in the Patriots’ backfield and he fumbles too much

22 Rashad Jennings Finally, Coughlin has a guy he likes. Not much wear and he can run,
catch, and block

23 Ryan Mathews Should be higher, but he burned me two years in a row and I haven’t
gotten over it

24 Ben Tate Talented and
finally gets lead back duties, but there are durability issues

25 Darren McFadden Insert
injury-prone joke here

26 Lamar Miller   Speedy but afraid to hit the hole and please tell me why Miami
thinks Daniel Thomas is good?

27 Chris Ivory Vick and Eric
Decker will hopefully open up some running lanes

28 Chris Johnson   CJnoK has a knack for hitting holes like he’s in the middle
of a pillow fight

29 Steven Jackson Ran too hard
for too long. Always has a chance to vulture TDs, but see Frank Gore

30 DeAngelo Williams   …Or
maybe Jonathan Stewart or maybe Mike Tolbert or maybe Cam Newton

31 Trent Richardson He could
fall forward and average three yards per carry

32 Maurice
Jones-Drew Find a team

33 Knowshon
Moreno    Seriously, find a team fellas


No. Player   Comment
1 Jimmy Graham    No comment needed…even
though I just made one…
2 Julius Thomas Thank you Peyton Manning
3 Vernon Davis They gotta use his gifts, they just have to

Julius Thomas (Thank you Peyton

Vernon Davis (They gotta use his gifts,
they just have to)

Dennis Pitta (Steve Smith may bite into
some targets but he’s a great possession guy)

Jason Witten (Always solid)

Rob Gronkowski (Should be number 2 but
who knows if he’ll ever be healthy again)

Jordan Cameron (Always afraid of
Cleveland QBs but he’s got gifts)

Greg Olsen (Tried and True, never great
but always good)

Zach Ertz (Improved as the season went
on and Chip will get this guy the ball)

Jordan Reed (So talented, so many

Martellus Bennett (Got the raw ability,
just needs to be more consistent)

Heath Miller (Oldie but a Goodie (kind

Antonio Gates (See Heath Miller) Side
note: watch out for his back up this year

Delaney Walker (One year removed from
Davis’ shadow, this is the year he steps up)

Coby Fleener (Luck will find him like
Peyton finds any white receiver)

Zach Miller (Russell Wilson has no

Charles Clay (I don’t know what to
think about this guy. He’s really versatile but would be more
dangerous in a different offense)

Brandon Myers (Goodbye Eli, hello
mediocre production again)

Kyle Rudolph (Cassel could bump his

Joseph Fauria (Physical freak and
Pettigrew is a bum)

Jared Cook (Has talent just needs
Bradford to stay healthy)

Garrett Graham (Only TE left in

Tyler Eifert (Kid has the skills but
Cincy doesn’t give it to the TE)

Scott Chandler (Woods should keep
developing and take some heat off of Stevie J and this guy)

Brandon Pettigrew (Pretty much strictly
a blocker but with all the weapons around he might stumble into some
holes in a zone coverage)

Free Agent- Owen Daniels (He’ll be a
mid-tier guy pretty much where ever he signs)

Free Agent-
Jermichael Finley (So athletic, so talented, so….much

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