Prospect Interview: Reds 4th-round pick RHP Jon Moscot

MLB Draft Prospect Spotlight: Reds 4th-Rounder RHP Jon Moscot

DA: Were you surprised that you were picked in the fourth round?

JM: Before the draft, teams had told me somewhere in there. But the week before our Regional I was looking somewhere in the 5-7 range. I was still really excited. I did well the weekend before the Draft and that helped me. There were a few teams there that were interested and the Reds were one of them. They called me right before and asked me if I wanted to go in the fourth and I was super excited and obviously I took my opportunity where it was.

DA: So what happens now that you’ve been drafted?

JM: Well I’m not sure exactly where I go, I have to fill out a contract and figure out where they want to send me and from there I’ll find out if I go to Montana, if I go to Bakersfield, so I don’t actually know 100% but no doubt I want to play and hopefully I’ll be out [there] soon enough.

DA: What are your thoughts on going to the Reds organization?

JM: I know that they move pitchers up the organization pretty quickly and they need the pitching, so I’m excited to be a part of it, and I know that they have some good facilities, especially their Spring Training facilities

DA: What do you bring to the table in terms of your arsenal?

JM: I throw strikes, I think that’s the most important thing. I throw about 90-93, I hit my spots and I don’t walk too many guys, and I get ground balls. Some movement on my fastball, I throw a slider and a changeup, and it’s been effective this year. I have a split-finger change, and a normal change up. And I throw change, and I throw the split to lefties to strike them out. I do need to work on it a little bit to throw for strikes but it’s definitely effective.

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