NFL PrimeTime/Games on DVD

I have nearly every NFL PrimeTime show from 1998-2005, both regular and postseason, and a majority of the 1997 regular season as well. There is one missing show (98 Championship weekend) and not all seasons include Super Bowl episodes. Also, 2004 Week 1 is available but extremely poor quality, as the VHS did not copy properly and skips through most of the show. Additionally, some of the shows from the 2001 and 2002 seasons include the “Fastest 3 Minutes” segment at from halftime of the Sunday Night Football telecast.


Please select your desired episodes or seasons below, or email me if you have specific requests so I can do my best to accommodate.


There are two options for sending the shows – digital and via burned disc. However, please note that for the shipping option, because I am currently located in Canada, shipping may take longer or I may need to wait until I am in the U.S. (I travel there quite frequently). For digital, files will almost always be burned into .avi format, which is the best compression size for either sending files or burning them onto a disc. The files can be shared via DropBox or GoogleDrive.


Note: Individual shows will depend on how many are requested using this option and price can be determined by how many are on the disc. I will not put only one or two shows on a disc, but if you are looking for five or more I will accommodate.


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