NL Wild Card: Can Nationals Actually Celebrate in October?

Can Max Scherzer and the Nationals finally advance in a postseason round when they take on the Brewers? (Photo Credit: Orlando Ramirez.)

It’s never happened before. The Montreal Expos and Washington Nationals are both 0-for in the franchise’s playoff history. While this isn’t a series, it’d be a first for the team in terms of advancing out of a round. But will the Brewers comply?

Milwaukee has survived the loss of MVP Christian Yelich. The Nationals have long been paper champions, but October is always a different story.

The Brewers are red-hot but have not faced any big teams since mid-September when they took two of three in St. Louis. But they were swept in Denver, and the Nats have won eight straight.

Look for the Nats to finally do something right in the playoffs, but given their history, it won’t be easy. Everyone is probably predicting a low-scoring pitcher’s duel with Max Scherzer on the mound, so, naturally… Prediction: Nationals 8, Brewers 6.

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