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NFL Week 17: Much Still to be Decided

Another big week for me, as a 5-1 mark has me at 40-24 (!) for the season. Week 17 is here, which means, unfortunately, all division games and thus a lot of stale, one-sided matchups….

Lucky Week 13: December Football is Here

How about a 5-2 week?! The DA pick machine train rolls on, and now it’s December, which means things, theoretically, should be much clearer and easier to assess. Then again, mounting pressure on teams also…

NFL Week 15 Picks: Time to Stay Hot

Things have gone north for me since shifting over to picking only games I feel confident in. At 22-13-3 for the year, I like my chances to finish the regular season above .500. Week 15…

NFL Week 12 Picks: Post-Turkey Madness

How about this “start” to the season? I use the air quotes because my first slate of game picks didn’t occur until Week 11, but I’ve arrived in style. While I took Turkey Day off from…