Cam Newton is one of three former No. 1 overall picks starting on Championship Sunday.

Some Final Thoughts on Championship Sunday

This almost seems too apropos. Tom Brady, a sixth-round draft pick with an eternal chip on his shoulder, the outlier in a four-man field of former No. 1 overall picks. In many ways, this weekend is…

Darrelle Revis and the Patriots defense is more reliable than in recent years.

The Dividing Factors of Divisional Weekend

Some will call this the most exciting weekend in all of sports. Eight teams, four games, and four pressure-cookers for the NFL’s top-tier teams coming off a week of rest. Homefield advantage is big, but…

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2014 NFL Pre-Draft Fantasy Rankings

By ROBERT WAUGHSpecial to DraftAmerica QB No. Player Comment1 Peyton Manning The Greatest of All Time – among fantasy QBs2 Aaron Rodgers Motivated to be the best QB in the game3 Drew Brees A Top…