The Dividing Factors of Divisional Weekend

Some will call this the most exciting weekend in all of sports. Eight teams, four games, and four pressure-cookers for the NFL’s top-tier teams coming off a week of rest. Homefield advantage is big, but…

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AL Wild Card Game: A’s Look to Rebound

Perhaps this is the best spot for the Oakland Athletics to be in: the “other guys” in a postseason event that’s all about the Kansas City Royals’ first appearance in the dance since 1985. Oakland…

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A’s Hoping For (Ex) Red Sox Magic

Oakland’s postseason roster boasts seven former Boston players Remember Game 4 of the ALDS? Of course you don’t. But you can bet that Jed Lowrie does. The rookie shortstop delivered a series-ending, walk-off single off…

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2013-14 Postseason: Bring your QB

There’s that old adage about bringing your defense to the postseason party. Sure, no one will debate that. Just look at the last three Super Bowl champions – Green Bay, New York and Baltimore all…

MLB Playoff Preview: First Round Analysis

Okay, so the MLB playoff teams are all but set. Of course, you had all of these teams in your preseason picks, didn’t you? No, wait, you had the Toronto Blue Jays, Los Angeles Angels, and Washington Nationals….

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NFL Playoff Blog

We’re Number One! So what? I used to think being a number one seed mattered in the NFL. Maybe it still does. Heck, Atlanta needed all the dome noise it could get last week in…