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Is Baseball Eclipsing Football in Parity?

The Seattle Seahawks, the NFL champions of 2013, feel like underdogs. After all, the city hasn’t celebrated a pro sports title since 1979 and the football franchise had never hoisted the Lombardi Trophy before. But…

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I Told You So: Why I Picked the Red Sox

Oh to be right. When you make preseason predictions and they come true, that doesn’t necessarily make you a genius. If you pick two heavy favorites and they clash in the Super Bowl, how prophetic…

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2013 World Series: Destiny vs. Density?

 So often, the Major League Baseball postseason shakes out differently than what the majority of fans anticipate. After all, the top seeds in each league haven’t met in the World Series since 1999, a rather…

MLB Playoff Preview: First Round Analysis

Okay, so the MLB playoff teams are all but set. Of course, you had all of these teams in your preseason picks, didn’t you? No, wait, you had the Toronto Blue Jays, Los Angeles Angels, and Washington Nationals….

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Mid-Month Divisional Report

It’s mid-April, so obviously, it’s time to put the teams with baseball’s best records in the World Series. (In case you were wondering, had we done the same thing last April 16, it would have…

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2013 MLB Predictions

Baseball is back, and so it’s time to put myself on the line with the rest of the baseball pundits and make some predictions. Will the Giants reign supreme again? And if they do, will…

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Blue Jays Making Waves in AL East

The Toronto Blue Jays needed to make some moves. After finishing 73-89 and in fourth place in the American League East, they essentially made the first splash in the player movement pool by pulling off…