super bowl

Some Final Thoughts on Championship Sunday

This almost seems too apropos. Tom Brady, a sixth-round draft pick with an eternal chip on his shoulder, the outlier in a four-man field of former No. 1 overall picks. In many ways, this weekend is…

A Closer Look At The Super Scores

Super Bowl Scores By Winning Score: 14-7 (VII) 16-6
 (IX) 16-7 
(III) 16-13
 (V) 17-14
 (XLII) 20-16 (XXIII) 20-17 (XXXVI) 20-19 (XXV) 21-10 (XL) 21-17 (X, XLVI) 23-7 (IV) 23-16 (XXXIV) 24-3 (XI) 24-7 (VIII) 24-21…