I’ve Reached the Playoffs Above .500!

It wasn’t easy, but eventually I nudged over the break-even mark at 23-21. Now, on to the more important games. Playoffs are here, with No. 7 seeds that no one asked for after a 17th…

NFL Preview 2021: Tom Brady. That Is All.

The 17-game season is upon us, so football doesn’t feel nearly as exciting or meaningful anymore. I’ve been at this a while, though, so at least some kind of preseason prediction feels like an obligation….

2020 NFL Mock Draft: Where Does Cincy Go?

It’s creeping towards late April, which can only mean one thing: it’s mock draft time here at DraftAmerica. A look now at special contributor Robert Waugh’s 2020 edition:   By Robert Waugh Special to DraftAmerica…