I’ve Reached the Playoffs Above .500!

It wasn’t easy, but eventually I nudged over the break-even mark at 23-21. Now, on to the more important games. Playoffs are here, with No. 7 seeds that no one asked for after a 17th…

NFL Preview 2021: Tom Brady. That Is All.

The 17-game season is upon us, so football doesn’t feel nearly as exciting or meaningful anymore. I’ve been at this a while, though, so at least some kind of preseason prediction feels like an obligation….

5 Reasons Why Final Four Can Win Super Bowl LV

We’re about 24 hours from kickoff of the first half of tomorrow’s championship doubleheader, and the anticipation is palpable. So, too, are the my aforementioned, self-guided “theories” I use to pick the games. Still, I…