NFL Preview 2021: Tom Brady. That Is All.

The 17-game season is upon us, so football doesn’t feel nearly as exciting or meaningful anymore. I’ve been at this a while, though, so at least some kind of preseason prediction feels like an obligation….

The 2020 NFL Schedule is Here! (My Way)

FOR THE MASTER SCHEDULE, CLICK HERE. FOR TEAM-BY-TEAM SCHEDULES, CLICK HERE. Here we go again! Except, this time around, it feels different — for obvious reasons. We are still in the midst of a dystopian…

Week 6 Picks: Short and Sweet

Alright, so I missed last week, but I’ve still got a winning record! I’ll settle for a 60% success rate when the year ends, as I’m 3-2-1 thus far. A look at a very brief…