Brady is Out of The Way. The Bills Can’t Help Choking. Let’s Face It — The Chiefs are the New Patriots.

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs could literally never beat Tom Brady in the postseason, but they've conveniently waited for him to be out of the picture to start their dynasty.

I might have been the only person on earth who didn’t jump up and down when Josh Allen seemingly led the Bills to a win with 13 seconds to go. My phone rang. Texts came in celebrating. I told everyone it wasn’t over. They said I was crazy, but I’m not. I knew that as long as there was time, the Kansas City Chiefs could turn on their video game mode and get into field goal range. And so of course they did. Everyone was stunned except me.

I think back to New England’s goal-line stand against Indianapolis in 2003 as the moment I knew the Patriots were going to be a dynasty. Signs were already pointing to it, but once they ensured that the road to the AFC would go through frosty Foxborough, it was game-set-match. At that point, New England had won one title and fans were none the wiser. Five Super Bowl wins later, Patriots fatigue finally set in. Well, news flash: we’re headed down the same path with the Chiefs.

Things have broken conveniently for the Chiefs. The only QB they can’t beat is Brady. Andy Reid is 0-4 against him in the postseason. Mahomes is 0-2 but 7-0 against everyone else. The Chiefs are the classic heir-in-waiting team, and the torch has finally been passed.

Simply put, this team is unstoppable when it chooses to be. The Chicago Bears passed on Mahomes in favor of Mitchell Trubisky (!). 31 teams — including New England — passed on Brady in the 2000 draft. Every single one of those teams could have prevented the Patriots and Chiefs from becoming dynasties, yet here we are.

Now, Brady is out of the way. Josh Allen, valiant as he was, could not carry the entire team himself. The fact that the Tennessee Titans were the top seed and the Bills and Bengals were the main challengers to Kansas City means things aren’t likely to change any time soon. Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill, unlikeable as they may be, can’t be covered. Poor Alex Smith — turns out he was holding the Chiefs back.

Two out of three Super Bowls. Three straight AFC championships and four straight AFC championship game appearances (all at home). This is just the beginning. If you’re not yet sick of the Chiefs, you will be. By that time, Kansas City will have at least two or three Lombardis, and Mahomes will be on twelve more commercials than just the State Farm one where he asks for the “Patrick Price.”

Can’t beat em? Bet em. The Bengals are happy to be here. The Rams and 49ers are good but not great. Andy Reid no longer has to contend with the one team he can’t handle, and he has a quarterback to finally get him over the hump, year in and year out.

Buffalo needed this win, and once again the team let its city down. The Chiefs won and didn’t win with class. A fan ran onto the field before a critical Buffalo fourth-down play. Tyreek Hill, he of wife and child abuse, taunted a defender on his way to the end zone. Say what you want about the Patriots, but I don’t recall that kind of behavior from Rob Gronkowski or Julian Edelman. I guess Willie Gay’s arrest didn’t cause nearly the same distraction as Andy Reid’s son’s drunk driving arrest did before the Super Bowl.

As we go into next year the hope is the general vibe of the public turns angry towards the Chiefs. It will only be after another Mahomes title that people finally wake up.

Like with the Patriots, it will already be too late.

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