How Super Will Tonight’s Pats-Rams Rematch Be?

Can Bill Belichick outfox Sean McVay and the Rams just as he did in Super Bowl LIII?

The last time these franchises met was February 2019. Things were a lot different in the world then, but some things haven’t changed, I’m betting — namely, Sean McVay is intimidated by Bill Belichick. Jared Goff can’t figure out the Patriots defense. It’s Thursday Night fanless football as the final fourth quarter of a season ever begins (remember, 17 doesn’t divide into quarters). So let’s make a pick, shall we?


Last week:  1-3

Season:       9-12


New England at Los Angeles Rams (-4.5)

Always throw this dog ABONE — that stands for “Always Bet on New England.” Not literally, of course, but they are a dog in a house-money type season for them, while the Rams are coming off a bounce-back win in Arizona but have more pressure on them to stay atop the NFC West. I’m guessing the Patriots are still in the heads of the Rams that remember Super Bowl LIII, and any L.A. win is going to have to be hard-earned. Pick: Patriots.

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