Super Bowl LVIII Preview: It’s a Dynasty

Patrick Mahomes should have the same result after Super Bowl LVIII as he did four years ago when he also defeated the 49ers for his first ring.

So I changed my picks last minute, whoops! That’s what happens when you try to outsmart yourself, but at least I got my preseason prediction right. In one of the most boring Super Bowls possible if you like fresh blood, this feels about as inevitable as the 2003-04 Patriots. Fitting that in the year Tom Brady retires we will finally have a repeat Super Bowl champion as Patrick Mahomes and Co. should not be denied this time like they were against Brady’s Bucs in 2020.

Kansas City has the edge in every category, including coaching, and the intangibles all point their way. The 49ers seem lucky to be here, and it stands to reason that Mahomes will not lose to Brock Purdy the same way he wasn’t losing to Jimmy Garoppolo four years ago.

So enjoy Taylor Swift, enjoy all the State Farm and Pfizer commercials, and enjoy the inevitable comparisons to Brady and the Patriots dynasty. It’s all going to crystalize on February 11 in Las Vegas, where oh by the way Mahomes has never lost in four trips while pummeling the Raiders.

Expect a somewhat close game, but in the end, I feel confident that my eight-year Super Bowl spread pick streak will live on and I’ll still end up with a winning postseason picks record for the 2023 NFL season. The Chiefs defense will extend its historic streak of holding opponents under 28 points, and there will be no late magic for Purdy like there was against Green Bay and Detroit. Prediction: Chiefs 27, 49ers 20. (Oh yeah, and in a shocking twist, Mahomes will win MVP).

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